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Comes with "Fuel Gauge" avaitor plug for reading state of charge
On/Off Switch with green light
User Manual
Charger (110volt) (43.5v Output DC)
Charger marine output cable adapter (specific for each battery model)
Golf Kart mounting brackets
5 Year Warranty. Estimated life of 10 years. >3500 cycles

Dealer will ship battery around Houston Texas area or battery can be locally picked up. Dealer may install battery into customer's golf cart if the conditions are reasonable. Fuel surcharge added for direct shipping. Call 979-665-5597 for more information.

Specifications Sheet
RoyPow 36v 105Ah Lithium Battery S38105 Charger included
36v (38v) 105Ah Roypow Lithium Golf Kart Battery
$ 1,800.00 USD
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