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Lonestar EV Performance

Introducing and re-introducing the Sleeper Cell battery systems and components.
High and ultra high discharge for the most demanding electric operations.

We sell individual lithuim ion pouch cells, modules (2S-12S), fully loaded custom made packs  and complete battery systems with fuses and battery management system gear.

Individual 1S Pouch Cell 3.7v 5000mAh 100C/200C

Module Classes from left to right(1st image)
12S 44.4v 5000mAh 125C with 8mm PRC shrouded bullet connectors
6S 22.2v 5000mAh 125C (doubled power leads)
6s 22.2v 4400mAh 75C
3S 11.1v 5000mAh 125C
2S 7.4v 5000mAh 125C (unterminated)

All individually sold modules come standard with 8mm PRC shrouded bullet connectors.
All 6S-12s modules come with 6S Polyquest BMS taps. 12S modules are equipped with 2x 6S Polyquest BMS taps wired in series to make them easier for customers to connect 6S standard battery balancing tools.

Custom Packs

We can produce battery pack cases with the following materials
Polycarbonate panels
G-10 (G-7)Garolite flame retardent FRP panels
Welded metal (steel, stainless and aluminum) with insulation inside

Standard Polycarbonate Box Construction

Typically made with 3/8" polycarbonate panels.
Anderson SB connectors or Radlok/Surlock panel mount connectors for power leads
CPC connectors, Orion BMS2 balance cables output
Cheapest option. Most popular.

1st image with Anderson SB175 and Orion BMS2 Cables
2nd image Junior Dragster Pack with DB37 cable (discontinued)
3rd image 100v Junior Pack with CPC 37-Pin BMS connector (TE Connectivity)
4th image 100v Junior Pack with Halfscale made rear mounted metal case.

G-10/FR4 Garolite Contruction

Typically made with a mix of 3/8", 1/4", and 1/8" panels.
Same output options

G-10 has 280° F max temperature, has way more impact strength than polycarbonate and is more rigid.

Images show hybrid polycarbonate and G-10 panel construction with panel mounted output hardware (37-pin D-sub) and direct bullet connections through semi-open lid.

1st image: Motorcycle battery 250BHP
2nd image: Battery with lunchbox battery balancer
3rd image: 6P96S 1000BHP complete battery pack

Fuse Selection

We use only Ferraz Shawmut Form 101 US Semiconductor fuses. Time for fuse to melt depends on current discharge. See below links for fuse documentation for common fuse sizes.

Wired vs Busbar

Right now we internally wire battery packs standard with 8 gauge copper wire with either a mix of bullet connectors/crimp connectors or 100% bullet connections. To get maximum performance from batteries battery cell connections must be busbar connections which we don't have the equipment to manufacture at this time. We recommend referring to the conservative numbers on the spec sheet for wired battery packs.