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Main Connector Wiring Harness (unterminated) (Required)

with termination labor (customer must specify)

USB CAN Adapter + DB9 (Required)

includes 4x 120 ohm resistors for free.

with termination labor (typically DB9 is installed on Main Connector Wiring Harness on CAN circuit #1)

36S Cell Balance Cable (Required)

6ft or 12ft standard sizes (series lengths smaller than 36S possible but must be custom ordered) (24S is also common) (contact us for more info)

22 AWG cables for 600v insulation. Cables are color coded and labeled from factory.

Thermistor/Current Sensor Harness (optional)(does not include current sensor)(has a standard input for an automotive grade current sensor up to 4/0)

with 500 Amp Current Sensor

with 1000 Amp current Sensor

Note: many functions on Orion BMS units require current sensor.

Orion BMS Cables
Required and Optional Cables for Orion BMS 1 or 2 System
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