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For sale is an Orion BMS-2 Unit.

This page is for purchasing the BMS units only. Click this link for cable packages+services.

Series length ranges from 36S to 180S. We typically have 36S, 72S, 96S, 108S and 144S in stock.

Max voltage of 180S is 800v. Max voltage varies on smaller units.

Can measure cell voltages between 0.5v and 5.0v.

Cell Voltages normally connected with 36S proprietary cables (unterminated on cell side).

Can control CAN charger based on cell voltage and/or pack voltage.

Can directly control contactors, charger enable circuits and relays.

Can run 8 thermistors with Thermistor/Current Sensor Harness. 80 thermistors via Expansion Module.

Runs between 12-24 input VDC.

All in one unit in aluminum housing results in high noise resistance.

Two CAN H/L circuits standard on Main Connector Harness (for connecting to computer or a charger)

36S-72S Dimensions

84-108S Dimensions

120-180S Dimensions

CAD files, BMS utility software and other files can be downloaded on the Orion BMS website.

If you want the BMS to be user programmable you must select "No" option on End User Lockout.

EV Junior related orders must select End User Locked Out units. EV Juniors typically require units 72S or smaller. We do not sell Orions smaller than 36S.

All End User Locked Out units require pre-programming.

If you are purchasing a End User Locked Out units you must contact us using the Contact page. We will not ship any End User Locked Out units without first being contacted.

If you desire pre-programmed units you must contact us with information on your build. Battery specs, safety equipment, relays, contactors, chargers to be used, etc.

Prices are credit card prices. For reduced prices on other payment methods please use contact us.

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Orion BMS-2 (36S-180S)
Orion BMS-2 Units 36S-180S.
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