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36 cells in series

3 cells parallel

Nominal Voltage (10% SOC perfectly balanced) 133.2 volts

Peak Voltage 100% SOC 151.2 volts

95% SOC voltage 149.4 volts

Amp hour capacity 13.2Ah

Watt Hour Capacity 1995 Wh

Internal Wire Gauge: 8 AWG

C-rating: 75C

Continuous max discharge 120-165 amps (depends on environmental temperature. 165 amps if ambient temperature is 86 F)

10 second max discharge 1000 amps (please read Sleeper Cell manual for explanation of discharge numbers)

2 second max discharge 1200 amps

<1 second max discharge 1320 amps

Nominal charge rate 7.5 amps (see operations manual for explanation)

Max charge rate 30 amps

Anderson SB175 Power Connector

Anderson power connector can be modified with an addon smaller SB50 parallel connection so it is easier to plug in chargers with SB50 output connector upon request.

6x6S JST-XH readers accessible from outside case is now standard. DB37 style packs are being phased out. We will offer legacy DB37 balancing equipment for all legacy customers.

As of August 2023, 6x6SJST-XH option and Orion BMS2 option are indistinguishable. Orion BMS2 cable can connect both inside and outside battery. Orion BMS2 cable bought from Lonestar only has to be modded if you bought a DB37 version Junior Pack.

JST-XH can be substituted for Polyquest readers upon request and upon availability of Polyquest cables.

Sleeper Cell Operator Manual
Lonestar Junior Dragster Pack
36S-3P 150v Peak Voltage 75C 13.2Ah Lonestar Junior Dragster Pack.
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