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36 cells in series

3 cells parallel

Peak Voltage 100% SOC 151.2 volts

95% SOC voltage 149.4 volts

80% SOC voltage 144 volts

Nominal Voltage (10% SOC perfectly balanced) 133.2 volts

Amp hour capacity 13.2Ah

Watt Hour Capacity 1758 Wh (nominal voltage * Ah capacity)

Internal Power Wire Gauge: 8 AWG Silicone x 3P (150v)

Balance Cable Wire Gauge: 22 AWG silicone (maximum recommended balance current is 2.2 amps)(max charging voltage is 4.2 volts per cell)

C-rating: 75C

Continuous max discharge 120-165 amps (depends on environmental temperature. 165 amps if ambient temperature is 86 F)(conservative 10C numbers)

10 second max discharge 1000 amps (please read Sleeper Cell manual for explanation of discharge numbers)

2 second max discharge 1200 amps

<1 second max discharge 1320 amps

Nominal charge rate 7.5 amps (see operations manual for explanation)

Max charge rate 30 amps

Case Material: Polycarbonate


1st Image is 100v 20Ah 125C battery pack (closer to new 2024 design)(image of a 150v 2024 design coming soon)

2nd Image is 150v 13.2Ah 75C (legacy design with DB37 connector)

3rd image is 100v 20Ah 125C variant inside Halfscale made custom steel case for mounting to back of dragster.

4th image is 150v 13.2 Ah 75C pack with permanent Orion BMS2 balance cable (legacy)

Anderson SB175 Power Connector (shown in picture) or finger safe Radlock/Surlok Connectors

Includes internal fuse for short circuit or over-discharge. Fuse curve coming soon.

TE Connectivity CPC 37 Pin Panel Mount Connector ("Circular Plastic Connector", "Amphenol Connector", "Racing Connector").

Anderson power connector can be modified with an addon smaller SB50 parallel connection so it is easier to plug in chargers with SB50 output connector upon request.

BMS output end termination (after CPC connector) can be to an Orion BMS2 cable, a 37 Pin CPC Female, 6x JST-XH, 6x Polyquest balance taps, Ampseal or any other reasonable BMS connectors.

6 thermistor cables standard on 100v and 8 on 150v. 80 thermistors max is available with purchase of Orion Thermistor Expansion module.

As of December 2023, all new battery packs will have in built 25% surface area coolant ports on the lid 6-8 thermistor cables minimum, panel mount BMS output that can connect a BMS cable with a Orion BMS connector, a CPC Female connector, 6x6S JST/Polyquest taps, 40-pin Ampseal or any other reasonable balance connectors specified by customer. We no longer manufacture battery packs with the DB37 connectors or any permanent dangling cables. We only use panel mount connector hardware as of 2023 December. Halfscale EV Dragsters also have a metal case option. All the necessary CPC 37-Pin balancing cables are available.

Sleeper Cell Operator Manual
Lonestar Junior Dragster Pack
36S-3P 150v Peak Voltage 75C 13.2Ah Lonestar Junior Dragster Pack.
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