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The HK-J series 3.3 KW charger 3rd generation has high efficiency, small size, high stability, long life, full-featured protection and other features. This is an ideal on board charger for electric vehicles. Built-in thermal sensor automatically resets when cooled after a thermal overload event. Fully sealed encapsulation affords IP67 protection. Main features: Full casting process, air-cooled or water-cooled, can work reliably under conditions -40 - +60 ºC.
 Weight 3.9 kg without heatsink or fan

Lonestar EV Performance now allows customer to order a variant with a basic CANbus device so charger can work without a BMS device. Basic CAN bus device can also work with our original Lonestar Balancing Boards to provide relay control for charger.

As of August 12 2023, Basic CAN bus device must be pre-programmed to whatever peak charging pack voltage and current speed is required by customer. They cannot be user programmed in the field at this time. By default boards are programmed to run with Junior Dragster Packs (150 volt peak at 10 Amps if on 110v AC input power. 22 Amps if on 240 volt power).

Standard features

110-440 volt wide DC output range

10 amps max on 110v input AC power or 22 amps max on 240v power.

4-pin waterproof 12v supply/CAN H/L connector for slick interface method with 12v BMS units like the Orion or Lonestar CAN Microcontroller.

Specifications Sheet
Elcon HK-J-H440 3.3kw Car Charger
3.3kw CAN controlled car charger with wide output voltage range (110v-440volt). Our Elcon chargers can work without BMS system.
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