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This is a Seahorse case 230 installed with the Lonestar 36S top balancing board and CAN-bus microcontroller for Elcon CAN chargers and similar CAN chargers. For non-Elcon chargers CAN protocol must be supplied, research and bench tested first.

4-Pin aviation receptacle for CAN H/L cable and 12 volt power from Elcon charger. Standard 12 volt DC jack 2.1 x 5.5 mm is installed also if charger does not supply supplemental 12 volt power.

On/Off switch to force charger off if necessary. 5 second delay.

"On" position allows charger to charge a battery if balancing board relay allows charger to be on. Balancing board monitors cells and cuts relay off if any cell gets overcharged.

"Off" position allows cooling fans to run to cool discharge resistors and lets balancing board balance batteries down to 4.14 volts if they are above 4.15 volts. Fans when supplied with 12 volt power will run regardless of switch position. CANbus Microcontroller set to pack voltage of 149.5 volts by default. The maximuim pack voltage we will program for is 150.12 volts for the Junior Dragster packs if requested (no more than 60mV pack delta allowed for max recommended charging voltage setting.

Green LED's light up when cells are above balancing threshold (approximately 4.14 volts).

Case can comfortable store a 1x BG-8S battery checker and DB37 Male octopus cable for customer with legacy DB37 style Junior packs.

Revision 1 Prototype model in images. JST-XH cables for connecting to balance taps.

Revision 2 (images coming soon) will feature 37-Pin heavy duty CPC cable instead of JST-XH cables for faster balance connector mating for all future Junior Packs with CPC connector style balance out. (09/06/2023)

Balancing Board/Charger Control Unit 36S
Lonestar top balancing board and canbus charger relay control box. Seahorse case 230.
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