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This is an electric vehicle motor and controller package.

2x Custom Designed DC motors by Dennis Berube

Includes chain coupler and mounting plates

2x Zilla 2K Controllers with Hairballs

all painted orange

400 Voltage Max

8000 RPM Max

2000 Amp Max

400 Peak HP

Zilla 2k Specs

Max Current 2000 Amps Continuous if liquid cooled

Rated Power: 640 KW

Input Voltage 72-348 Volts

Length: 14.75 Inch

Width: 7.0 Inch

Height: 4.65 Inch

Weight: 29.5 Lbs

Max Output Voltage: Up To 375 Volts

Switching Frequency: 15.7 KHz

Temperature Derating: After Temperature Gets Above 55 Degrees Celsius

Reversible: Yes

Adjustable Acceleration (Slew Rate): Yes

Terminal Studs: 3/8-16 Inch

Can use RPM Sensor: Yes

Thermal Cooling: Yes 1/8inch-27 Female NPT

Motors Only: $20,000.00

With 1 Zilla 2K $25.000.00

With 2 Zilla 2K $28,000.00

2x DC Motors 2x Zilla 2K Controllers (orange)
2x Dennis Berube designed DC motors with 2x 2K Zilla Controllers with Hairballs with matching orange paint
$ 20,000.00 USD
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