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Comes with

Custom Lonestar 37-Pin D-Sub male cable to 6x6S Polyquest (36S in total output) or JXT balance taps. All balance taps are numbered and wired in series.

New 608AC with powersupply in original packaging and custom XT60/BMS Y-Cable. Polyquest or JXT style.

Lonestar EV Performance Paper Instruction Guide for using ISDT balancers. (not shown)

For limited time also comes with

Male/Female DB37 Extension Cable (not shown)

Polyquest cables have a locking tab on male side that locks to a rectangular strip on female side.  A JXT connection has two microscoping barbs on the male end that create a barbed/strong friction fit to the female JXT taps. See images 3 and 4 show BMS plug type images. Click images for larger view.

608AC User Manual
37-Pin D-Sub BMS Reader and 608AC Kit
Allows those with 37-Pin D-Sub BMS out battery pack to have individual 6S taps balanced via a 608AC balancer without having to disconnect power leads of battery.
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